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Matt W- pain & muscle weakness in both hands

Matt had been experiencing pain & weakness in both hands off-and-on for nearly 6 months. He noticed his grip strength diminish while performing prolonged gripping activities, something he never experienced before while performing the same activities.

After his first progress assessment (6 weeks later) he reported a 100% reduction in symptoms, he also reported having an “improved work life & feeling more energetic”.

I NEVER touched his hands. How did he heal?

The nerves that supply the communication that maintains the proper signals to your arms & hands run out of the spinal column (C5-T1). When I scanned his nerve system for interference, he had nerve interference in this area. Through a few gentle & specific adjustments, the nerve channels were reopened and Matt was getting proper signal to his hands again! :)

We are pleased to see Matt functioning better & feeling better!